Learners attend 4th Annual SAA Youth Career Summit.

Learners attend 4th Annual SAA Youth Career Summit.

On 9 October, ten of our top performing EGD and Physical Science learners in Grade 11, together with Ms Vink attended the 4th Annual SAA Youth Career Summit.

Aimed at sparking conversation around the country’s skills requirements and opportunities in aviation, the event highlighted the wide array of career options available to youth within the aviation industry in general.

Delegates and students were given unique insights into a number of professional aviation disciplines such as engineering, flight operations, logistics, catering, aircraft maintenance, aviation medicine, and aviation law providing them with first-hand knowledge of the skills required to run an international airline business.

“I arrived at the event not knowing anything about aviation, however leaving the centre, I discovered a new field of science that is not only intriguing but also fun.”

Carmen Naude 

“The highlight of the day was hearing the CEO of SAA technical speak and inspire us with his story, seeing all the cool planes and learning about all the great opportunities in aviation.”

Ianthe Kuun 

“I realised that these jobs are opportunities that will always be available no matter how technology improves or changes. The most important message that I took from the day was that you need to “Define your future.”

Angelique van Niekerk

“I really enjoyed the event. The aviation companies were very friendly and informative.”

Natania Naidoo

“An incredible event that was filled with new knowledge, a new understanding of aviation and lots of humour. Truly an unforgettable event.”

Reiana Pillai

“My experience at the SAA youth summit was the absolute best. I got to know more about the aviation. I did not know that there was so much more to just flying a plane. This was definitely an eye opener and a very successful trip”

Miriam Kayembe

“The trip to SAA was insightful and informative. It showed me that there are many career options in engineering and that I don’t have to be restricted to the traditional engineering jobs.”

Mayibongwe Mkandla

“The excursion was very informative and inspirational. I was made aware of careers of which peaked my interest. The day was fun and has exposed me to various opportunities.”

Brenton Nair

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