Grade 8 Admission 2025

Admissions for Grade 8 will be open on 11 July 2024 Online.

Admission portal:

The application period will start on 11 July 2024 at 08:00 am for grade 8 and will close on 12 August 2024. Parents and guardians will receive SMS notification of placements offers to either accept or decline from 16 September 2024 until all applicants are placed.

We urge parents and guardians to upload or submit certified copies of the following documents within 7 days of applying:

  • Parent and child ID / passport
  • Refugee permit
  • Asylum seeker permit
  • Permanent residence permit
  • Study permit
  • South African Birth certificate
  • proof of Home address
  • proof of work address
  • Latest school report. (Grade 7)

Parents and guardians will be given (7 days after application period ends) to upload or submit their documents.

It must be noted that placement will be conducted as per the following admission regulations:

  • Home address within feeder zone
  • Siblings at Edenglen High School
  • Work address
  • within 30 km radius
  • beyond 30 km radius.


For more info contact Ms Fodo – 011 609 8336

Grade 9 – 11 Admission 2024

Admissions for Grade 9 – 11 admissions will be open during 3rd Term..

Please note that the application process will be done via email.

The following criteria is considered:

  • Home / work address within feeder zone (5km)
  • Sibling/s at Edenglen High School (Biological Sibling/s)

All requested documents are to be CERTIFIED COPIES and not just photocopies.

  • ID Size photo of learner 
  • Completed subject choice (Grade 10 – 11)
  • Recent school report 
  • Birth Certificate 
  • ID documents for both parents / legal guardian. 
  • Proof of work address for both parents (confirmation letter/pay slip)
  • Current proof of residence (Lease agreement or water and light bill in your name)

If not South African:

  • Valid study permit or a permanent residence Document 
  • Valid Passport showing date of entry in the country

Incase of relocation during the year, a transfer card and most recent (Original) 2023 report card must be supplied.

Kindly use the following email address to apply: