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Grade 8 Admission 2022

Admissions for Grade 8 will be open on 10 August 2021 Online.

Admission portal:


The first phase will open on 10 August 2021 at 08h00 and close on 3 September 2021 at 00h00.

This is for all grade 7 learners who are currently in public schools

The placement of phase 1 will happen between 15 October and 30 November


Will commence on 13 September at 08h00 and close on 8 October at 00h00. This is for applications for Grade 1  and grade 7 learners who are not currently in a public school.

Phase 2 will be between November 15 and November 30.

The following guidelines are important:

• Before parents or guardians apply, they must provide accurate parent and learner details to schools where their children are currently in Grade 7;

• From Monday, 2 August 2021 – 6 August 2021, primary schools will verify and update parents or guardians’ details including the cell-phone number, Identity Document number and home address;

• It is important that parents provide ONE reliable cell-phone number so that they can receive important SMS notifications regarding the application process. This process is very important because from 10 August 2021, an SMS notification with a LINK will be sent to parents to complete the 5 Step Application Process;

• The parent/guardian will be required to verify the cell-phone number on the system before starting the 5-step application process which consist of verification of parent or guardian details, home address details; learner details, application to a maximum of five schools and uploading documents to system or submitting documents at schools;

• In Phase two, parents and guardians will also complete the 5 Step Application Process without prior verification of details. Parents will also need to upload or submit certified copies of supporting documents to schools they applied to within 7 days;

The documents required for grade 1 and 8 applications are:

Parent and Child ID or Passport; Refugee Permit; Asylum Seeker Permit; Permanent Residence Permit; Study Permit; South African Birth Certificate; Proof of Home Address; Proof of Work Address; Latest School Report.

All documents need to be certified.

• If a parent uses a cell-phone number that differs from the one provided to the school the system will prompt the parent to contact the school to correct the number;

• Every step of the application process will be confirmed via SMS for security and verification purposes;

The following criteria is considered in order of priority when applying to a school:

  • Home address within the school’s feeder zone,
  • Sibling and or previous schools,
  • Work address within school’s feeder zone
  • Home address which is within 30km radius,.

Parents will receive a SMS notifying them about the outcome of their application between 15 October and 30 November 2021

The parent must accept an offer to confirm placement,

Grade 9 – 11 Admission 2022

Admissions for Grade 9 – 11 admissions will be open on 10 August 2021.

Please note that during the Covid-19 Lockdown period, parents will not be permitted on the school property to return completed admission forms. The application process will be done via email.

Kindly use the following email address to apply: (Miss Fodo)

All requested documents are to be CERTIFIED COPIES and not just photocopies.

  • ID Size photo of learner 
  • Completed subject choice 
  • Recent school report 
  • Birth Certificate 
  • ID documents for both parents 
  • Proof of work address 
  • Current proof of residence 

If not South African:

  • Valid study permit or a permanent residence Document 
  • Valid Passport showing date of entry in the country

Kindly use the following email address to apply: (Miss Fodo)