School and Prayer


Ever conscious of our motto

We shall always work and play

Striving for both truth and honour

This is what we truly pray

May each day be filled with gladness

When we do our best by thee

In the classroom, on the sportsfield

Free and fair, victorious be

Edenglen you are our bulwark

Strong support through all the years

Ever may you guide and lead us

Stilling all our doubts and fears

When the years have passed and left us

May the memories still remain

Of the knowledge sought and found here

Bringing us reward and gain

For the good things freely given

Edenglen, we you acclaim.

School Prayer

O Lord, God of Truth, whom to know is everlasting life and to serve is perfect freedom, grant that we may draw near to Thee in thought, word and deed.

Inspire us with the loveof Thy creatures and Thy laws so that with patience and understanding, by honest and earnest labour, we may seek after knowledge as a blessing that cometh from Thee.

Whether it be our part to teach or to learn, to rule or obey, make us feel Thy Presence in our several duties, filling us with reverence for the beauty and wonder of thy Universe, and pouring on us a spirit of justice and gentleness and mutual goodwill.

Thus, by Thy Grace, may we so use this house of learning, that we may prepare our powers of body, mind and spirit to advance the good of man and the Glory of God.