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To register go to and click on ‘Register now.’ Choose either the ‘Supporta’ option, or the ‘Business/Sponsor’ option if you want to register your business.

Registration for Supportas and Businesses is free-of-charge, or you can register as a Sponsor for Edenglen High School. Remember to mention the compulsory discount you are prepared to offer on transactions with Supportas!

Follow the prompts and complete your registration, choosing a unique Username if you’re a Supporta (a cell number, ID number, or even an email address is easy to remember). Supporta’s Cashback feature makes sharing easy! You can put your family first . . . And EGHS second . . . And how about your Community? Local is lekker, and business owners are also your family, your friends, and your neighbours!

Register as a Supporta, free-of-charge, and earn Cashback Rewards from hundreds of local stores, suppliers, and service providers! Take all the Cashback savings for yourself, or share it with EGHS. Supporta’s Cashback system is so easy! Simply choose a unique Username when you register, and link all your business transactions to your Username.